Are you looking to get the most out of your Expedia travel and Expedia cruises experience? The Expedia app is the perfect tool to help you make the most of your trip. With the app, you can easily access a wealth of resources to help you plan and book your trip.

What is the Expedia app?

The Expedia app is a mobile application for Android and iOS that allows you to access and manage your travel and cruise booking details. The app allows you to book travel, find deals and discounts, manage your travel itinerary, access support, and much more. You can even price-match your booking to find better deals if they are available.

How to Find the Best Deals and Discounts?

When booking your travel, you can find discounted rates and special offers by selecting “Discounts” at the top of your booking. You can easily locate these discounts by clicking “Show available discounts”. You can also find special savings and discounts by clicking “Promotions” at the top of any page.

Expedia Travel

How to Get the Most out of Your Expedia Cruise Experience?

Expedia cruise vacations are one of the most enjoyable and luxurious ways to travel. With a cruise, you will be able to explore new destinations while enjoying a relaxing experience. To get the most out of your cruise experience, make sure to download the Expedia app and follow these tips:

Stay On Top of Your Itinerary

One of the best ways to get the most out of your cruise is to stay on top of your itinerary. You can track your cruise itinerary by creating an account with, Expedia’s cruise travel partner, and linking your cruise booking to your account.

Create a Vacation Plan

Another great way to get the most out of your cruise is to create a vacation plan. By creating a vacation plan, you will be able to stay organized and on track with your trip details. You can use the Expedia app to create a vacation plan and experience the Expedia travel firsthand.

Features of the Expedia app


The Deals section allows you to find the best deals and discounts available on your booking. You can easily locate these deals by selecting “Deal” at the top of your booking.

Price Drop Alerts

The Price Drop Alerts feature allows you to set price drop alerts for your booking. With this feature, you will be notified if the price of your booking drops. This feature is available at no additional cost.

Cancel or Modify your Booking

If you need to cancel or modify your booking, you can easily do so from the app. Simply select “Manage booking” and then “Cancel or modify booking” to access your booking details.

Access Support

If you have any issues or concerns regarding your booking, you can easily access support from within the app. Select “Help” to access the app’s FAQ section.

Experience Expedia Travel!

The app allows you to book cruises directly from your device. The Expedia app is available for both Android and iOS devices. Simply visit the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and search for Expedia.

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