We really have rush days now and ahead too. We try to attain and achieve many thing. Sometimes we forget or miss to include most favorite activities in our life during these rush days. It can also be due to our limited time. But we should really open our mind to understand that we can attain much more by giving some space to our favorite things. Or some activities which energizes our whole body.

Spend time outside from your work space for a little while and get to work with more energy than before. Sunlight helps your brain to boost your mood and energy level by releasing serotonin. According to research done at the University of Rochester… Students who spent just 20 minutes a day outside felt more energetic than those who didn’t probably because of this same reason.

Hang Out for a Day and Regain the Energy

Nature is fuel for the soul,” says Richard Ryan, lead author and a professor of psychology at the University of Rochester. “Often when we feel depleted we reach for a cup of coffee, but research suggests a better way to get energized is to connect with nature,”

“We have a natural connection with living things,” says Ryan. “Nature is something within which we flourish, so having it be more a part of our lives is critical, especially when we live and work in built environments.”- Ryan, Netta Weinstein, a psychologist at the University of Hamburg, Germany

The Benefits of Staying Outside for a few time is not limited to getting energized. You will get enough Vitamin D, which your body needs and is better than supplements. It helps in increased concentration and enhance our mood. It will reduce our stress.

Spending Time in Nature has been shown to lower stress levels, Seattle-based environmental psychologist Judith Heerwagon. “Just looking at a garden or trees or going for a walk, even if it’s in your own neighborhood, reduces stress,” she says. “I don’t think anyone understands why, but there’s something about being in a natural setting that shows clear evidence of stress reduction, including physiological evidence — like lower heart rate.” Read more here.

Hang Out for a Day and Regain the Energy

If you cannot find a time to incorporate, Hang out with your Friends. Meet them outside once in two days for 30 minutes or once weekly if not daily. You may have friends nearby, not everyone but still. It’s always better to have group, because if one is lazy to get outside, the one or the other in the group will urge you to get outside. Hang out with friends whom you are interested in and try to make a laughing group instead of sharing your worries and increased negative thoughts. Sharing your worries won’t change anything. Talking about new and smiley talk will enhance your mind with lot of positive energy. Avoid dull friendship, which will ruin the situation.

At least once during the workday, get out of the office. Studies show that spending time outdoors provides a boost by reducing stress hormones and lowering blood pressure.

“Sunlight can also increase the body’s production of serotonin, which lifts mood and increases energy,” says Teitelbaum.
In addition, “air that contains a high balance of negative ions (molecules with a negative electrical charge) may increase the body’s oxygen intake and serotonin levels,” says Michael Terman, Ph.D., director of the Center for Light Treatment and Biological Rhythms at New York–Presbyterian Hospital. Negative ions are produced when there’s a lot of air and water movement in the atmosphere, like during a thunderstorm.

Terman has found that when people with seasonal affective disorder (a mood disorder associated with seasonal variations of light) and depression use specialized negative-ion generators, their symptoms improve.

If your stay nearHang Out for a Day and Regain the Energyby a park, You can Go for a Walk. It can also be a part of exercise and increases your energy all the day long. You will also get a better sleep too. Heading to a great outdoor and taking a few deep breath is going to be an energy booster for sure. A walk outside in the nature can clear all the clutters from the mind and from your head. Staying outside will helps you to be more active and alive. This activeness will surely show up in your performance either in your personal work or maybe business. Always try to hang out for a day and regain the energy you need to refresh yourself. Set out for a few days vacation. Or if you don’t have days to spend spend few minutes daily or weekly.

Going outside or being under the influence of plants can increase memory retention up to twenty percent, a recent University of Michigan study showed (Sewach). It is also stated here that, Plants can help people to improve their performance at work and at home by increasing their perceived vitality and giving them more feelings of added energy. Research suggests this.

We find happiness when we see beautiful things. We can find many beautiful things when we step outside. Flowers are common among them when we talk about nature. Natural smile comes to our face when we see a beautiful flower, and this is enough to make your day. This may be the reason why flowers often reach hospital rooms. As it gives a soothing effect and has the power to heal. Nature has its own way to heal pain and stress. Utilize most of it, you don’t have to pay for it.

Image Courtesy: MayankBhogal, Irina Stotskaya, Camilla Soares