As announced earlier, Axure released their latest version Axure RP 8 Beta on 12, August 2015. In verison 8 beta , they have included many enhancements and more expecting the final version of Axure RP 8.

It is limited to only for the existing customers and it is going to be a free upgrade for those who purchased Axure RP 7 license.

Axure RP 8 Beta Released

 What’s new in Axure 8

To me, the main enhancements are – enhanced new animations, interactions and a pen tool that allow us to draw custom vector-based shapes. With Axure RP 8, we have Team Projects to collaborate the work easier. This is helpful if you are working in a team.

Pen Tool and Custom Shapes

  • Draw custom shapes and icons with the new pen tool
  • Convert shape widgets to custom shapes
  • Transform shapes with flip, unite, subtract, intersect, and exclude

Axure RP 8 Beta Released












  • Groups are listed in the Outline
  • Add interactions to groups
  • Apply actions to groups

Axure RP 8 Action and rotate









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  • Inspector replaces three panes–Widget Interactions and Notes, Widget Properties and Style, Page Properties
  • Sitemap is now called Pages
  • Widget Manager is now called Outline
  • Toolbars in panes is reduced
  • Mac and PC versions now have the same Top Toolbar









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  • Apply simultaneous animations on a widget
  • Rotate animation
  • Flip animation when setting a panel state


  • Rotate
  • Set size added to shapes, images, hot spots, and form widgets
  • Set size has anchor options
  • Set adaptive view
  • Fire event (used to trigger an event on a widget or page)
  • Boundaries for move actions

Widget Styles

  • Add and update widget styles from the Inspector
  • New default style that all other styles inherit from
  • Style dropdown shows a preview of the style.

Default Widgets

  • More styled shapes including multiple box and button styles
  • New markup section including new snapshot widget
  • For text fields and text areas, choose to hide hint text after focus
  • Optimized rectangle shapes in prototype (render as DIVs)

Flow Diagrams

  • All shape, image, and snapshot widgets have connector points
  • Connector points are only visible when using the connector tool and mouse is over the widget
  • Connector points are larger and easier to select

New Events

  • OnLoad is available on all widgets
  • OnRotate – shape, image, line, hot spot
  • OnSelectedChange, OnSelected, OnUnSelected – shape, image, line, hot spot, checkbox, radio button, tree
  • OnResize – dynamic panel
  • OnItemResize – repeater

Snapshot Widget

  • Capture an image of a page or master in a widget
  • Scale and adjust offset
  • Apply actions on the referenced page to change the image

Print Options

  • Paper size and settings
  • Print guides on diagram
  • Multiple print configurations
  • Scaling options
  • Page and master selection

Team Projects

  • Host team projects on Axure Share
  • Edit styles, variables, and note fields without checking out


  • Fit to content in HTML setting added for varying item sizes
  • Hidden widgets do not affect the bounds on an item
  • Faster initialization of repeaters in prototype