Welcoming Guest Ready Homes

People lovers are always surrounded by people. They love to have guests often. Even when everything at home is all set there is some extra preparation to be done when guests occupy. Having them is great and also lovely times, try to enjoy and cherish the special moments. Never take stress to clean up, find below some tips to make your space perfect for guests anytime.

Welcoming Guest Ready Homes

Cheerful Welcome

A big smile on your face!! We know you will be really excited. A warm welcoming smile is a sign that indicates you are totally ready.

Space for Storage

Give them enough storage space that fits in all their belongings. Whether in the living room or in the guest room whichever is comfortable. Make sure the stuff doesn’t look odd and people don’t feel like they are imposing. Declutter the closets and add extra hangers which will be useful.

Room Ready

Sweep and clutter the surface. Place some fresh flowers or a planty that will make the space look welcoming. Make sure the lights, cooler, conditioner is in good condition. Make the bed with fresh bedding ready to go. Keep some extra blankets and pillows that would help.

Add some magazines to the book case so that they will find something to read. Pleasant room spray can be used if necessary. And now this is going to be great for your guests to relax in.

Clean Bathrooms

First step is to remove all your personal belongings from the bathroom. Keep clean, soft, coloured towels so your guest can pick the colour they like and also don’t get confused picking another person’s towel. Make sure you leave full bottle of shower gel, shampoo, conditioner and hand wash. Keep a basket with hand lotion, moisturizers, facial wipes and a hair dryer. Never forget to keep a freshener, that’s an easy way to keep it fresh and vibrant.

Kids Time

Place Toys, board games, DVD’s in visible areas for easy reach out. Stock up some munchies for the naughty ones to get energy round the clock. Write down the Wi-Fi password so that they have some net time. This would make the space more prepared for little guests.

Don’t Get Stuck – In Your Absence

This happens on week days when you are out for work. Don’t panic.. write down how to use the things at home. Specially operating tv, oven, things available in kitchen, if not the local eatery number for ordering food. List out the places to visit specially when they are staying for long time. Give them a spare key so they will have their own time to walk in and move out.

Check out the above said tips and sort out all that is to be done before your guests arrive home. Get as much as done and be relaxed so you can enjoy each other’s company.

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