luxury vinyl plank flooring

It is a dream of every house owner to decorate his house with something stylish and highly functional. Current styles from the side of manufacturers look much better and realistic. If you are looking for something great, then it is better to go for luxury vinyl planks. They are highly durable and tougher floor types.

Points to Ponder Prior Opting for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

Vinyl plank flooring is well known to be duly resistant to scratches and much tougher in comparison to hardwood as well as laminate. Prior to opting for luxury vinyl plank flooring, you need to consider several things. They have been mentioned in a nutshell as under:

  • Few differences exist between several types of flooring: It must be noted that all vinyl flooring planks are not at all equal. There exist a few differences between each and every kind of pieces. Backing systems along with styles of construction vary from one another. Some luxury vinyl plank flooring has residential warranty while others have commercial warranty. Along with being hypo-allergenic, the following features must be confirmed to vinyl plank flooring:
  1. Resistant to water
  2. Stabilization to UV
  3. Comprising of an in-built mold and mildew inhibitor
  4. Appreciable thickness
  5. Durability
  • Varying of prices: Prices vary in terms of styles as well as brands. In case your budget is limited and need to go with a cheaper option, then entry level luxury vinyl will be fine. It must be ensured that the price you will be paying matches the thickness, and wear layer of product. You will come across discounted products that will lower the range and work up from there. You need to make detailed comparison while shopping.
  • Installation methodologies involved: Installation methods of vinyl flooring depends upon the requirement of the buyer. The predominant method for luxury vinyl plank flooring is done by using a full spread adhesive. Rather than going for DIY, it is recommended to hire an expert to get the job done on your behalf. Another type of installation that is common nowadays is none other than self adhering type. This method must not be confused with peel and stick method.
  • Various types of finishing involved: There are various types of finishing available in case of luxury wood looking vinyl planks. Smooth finishing is what most consumers are familiar to. Carrying out the task with a plank that holds a ribbed and hand scraped finishing is considered to be highly realistic. They give the plank a wooden look and style by adding texture to go along with color and wooden species. It is better to check out a sample prior to finalizing any deal.

luxury vinyl plank flooring

At the time of getting your flooring done, it will be better to conduct an online search regarding a well known company. The World Wide Web has kept no stone unturned to bring the entire world within the clenched fist. The more you browse and compare, easier it will become to shortlist names of companies that deal with luxury vinyl plank flooring.

How to Select the Most Reliable Company for Vinyl Plank Flooring?

After you have shortlisted names of the companies, you need to get in touch with each company personally. You must not set back in going through reviews provided by previous clients. Such a gigantic step will help one to get a clear idea about products and services provided by the company.

It is advisable to request the company to get to know about names of previous clients who have been served by the company earlier. You may talk to them to know the quality of work discharged in terms of luxury vinyl plank flooring.

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