The companies which offer office cleaning look to provide high-quality service will have to offer the newest in technology. One of the most innovative inventions of our time, pertaining to this purpose, is the doodlebug. The Doodlebug is a technological marvel inside the cleaning industry, and it offers great benefits to the environment also. In this article, you will learn about how doodlebugs are an absolute necessity for your office cleaning.

Make Your Office Cleaning Easier with a Doodlebug

Understanding the doodlebug

Studies have shown that by using the doodlebug, aches to the back, the shoulders, and the injuries to the elbows can get reduced a lot with doodlebugs. Thus, the doodlebug will be a better option for those people who are working in the industry of commercial cleaning.

Then what is a doodlebug exactly?

Well, they are generally found in various kits that are used for cleaning various types of surfaces. Doodlebugs provide a quick and an easy way to clean them. Doodlebugs are easy to use and much advanced than traditional basic clothes which are used for cleaning and wiping.

Similar products

Microfiber cloths are made from synthetic fibres which are made from blending polyamide with polyester and also at times nylon. With these materials, they are made into a single strand, and that is used for making an effective material that is used for deep cleaning. These bundles get split to make ultrafine fibres with heat, and a lot of other chemicals. By using technology, the new material is created to make huge advances in the cleaning industry. It has created products which office cleaners will not be able to work without.

Environmental benefits

The environmental benefit of using doodlebugs is quite important. IT is efficient and effective. Healthcare institutions have also adapted to this technology with great pleasure. Because of earlier only mops, brooms were used, and they had to be repeatedly changed before cleaning different rooms in order to avoid cross-contamination. When you have a doodlebug, these problems will not arise at all.

A lot of offices cleaning agencies have embraced using doodlebugs quite quickly. They save time, energy and are really good at cleaning also.

Doodlebug – The most preferred equipment in the cleaning industry

The Doodlebug is the most preferred equipment today in the industry of cleaning, for both homes and offices. It is very strong and bold advancement in technology. It is quite popular also and is generally used in the form of kits. The kits will have in them the doodlebug scrub and the strip pad, the pad holder, and a number of rougher doodlebug scrubbing pads for more difficult jobs like for removing the wax or for cleaning the edges of the floors.

You can find the widest Doodlebug range online at highly affordable prices and in several offline retailers as well.


Doodlebugs have changed the way office cleaning done for the better. This equipment is quite efficient and help to save time and energy. Hopefully, the information mentioned in this article will have helped you, and you will get a doodlebug soon.

Image Courtesy: Photo by The Creative Exchange on Unsplash