Great Banyan Tree – Gujarat

This is a part of our main article “Bangalore to Ladakh by Road with Family“.

On 16th May, we left Vadodara early morning and on the way to Ajmer, soon after leaving we parked at a nearby temple to spend little time there.


From there we quickly started and planned that we would stop at sightseeing places nearby to the highway and saw a sign board Great Banyan Tree, and thought of visiting that. We did this as we were travelling on the highway for the last two days and need a change. It was clearly written we had to go 14Kms interior away from the highway to reach the place.

After covering 5Kms, I had doubt in my mind of going further as it was so lonely and could see very few farmers far away in the fields. Through out the way, we asked many about the place, they did not had any idea as we were asking them Great Banyan Tree. Later we saw 2 Gentlemen talking and enquired them, they clearly understood what we were asking and gave us the correct route. Also told us to ask “Maa Ka Vad” if you have any doubt, so that everyone can understand and guide you. We thanked them and left. The local people there was of great help and guided us with the right route. At last we reached the place with lots of turns and the tree was really great.


It had a temple inside it, some local people were selling some products and items needed for the people who are visiting the temple. There was a small teashop running by the local people and my husband had a tea from there and told it was very tasty.


We took many photos but could not cover the entire tree in one. We tried from many angle but did not work well. There were also many monkeys playing and was not much confident of going to the other side of the tree.



We spend 1 to 2 hours there and returned as we had to reach Ajmer and had to cover Ajmer Dargah the same day. As the navigator was not showing the map clearly when we left the highway, we were not very much sure of returning to the highway without a wrong turn, but we made it without a mistake. Reached the the highway and left to Ajmer.

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  1. July 30, 2016

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