During the pre-school years, children learn the fastest and can grasp a lot of new things quite easily. What is important however is that this education is provided to the children in the correct manner. At such a tender age, the children should not be burdened with theoretical concepts, cramming and enforced learning.

Rather an independent, lively and pragmatic environment should be provided to them so that they can blossom to the full of their potential. If you wish to provide your child such holistic education then you should undoubtedly opt for a Montessori kindergarten school. The Montessori preschools are based on the approach developed by famous Italian physician Maria Montessori.

Montessori preschool

This approach focuses on practical, hands on experience learning rather than the bookish concepts. A holistic education is imparted to the children using various creative materials and techniques. Children are taught in mixed age classrooms for increased interactions and development of self-confidence & several other skills in the child.

The Montessori education is divided into several age groups which can be divided into ages- from birth to three years, ages three to six, ages six to twelve and twelve to eighteen. However, this approach is more prominently adopted for the nursery and kindergarten levels.

In countries like Usa, Canada, United Kingdom and Australis, there are many preschools providing Montessori education to the children. Montessori schools has their children enrichment programs where exposure is provided to them on different subjects so that they can broaden the horizons of their knowledge. Mixed age classrooms, a wide choice of student activities, uninterrupted blocks of work time and special study material developed by Montessori & her collaborators form part of the fundamental principles of a Montessori child care.

Also, the children are taught phonics, Montessori math, essay writing and reading. By getting your child enrolled in a Montessori you can be assured of an overall development in your child. However, before getting your child registered in the pre-school you must ensure that the school has all the facilities and a well-trained faculty who understands the concepts of Montessori education to the fullest. The teachers should pay personalized attention to each & every child so that the hidden potential of the child can be brought out. Thus, a Montessori Preschool can Provide the Ideal Platform for the Overall Growth of Children.

Barbara Elliott has served in a number of leadership positions throughout his career including College Dean at three Universities and Tenured University Professor. Barbars is a frequent national and international presenter and author. Also she works as a blogger at PhDify.com