The bathroom is a kind of your personal zone in the home where you relax and get prepared for the daily routine so, it should be aesthetic and functional. In the recent past, as the market evolved many new and versatile trends launched which you can’t resist plotting in your bathroom designing.

5 Top Trends in Bathroom Design for 2018 -19

The brands offer you plenty of choices in tiles and other bathroom accessories, whether you are designing your newly built bathroom or renovating the old one.

A well decorated and designed bathroom can reflect your standard of living and make your friends little envious. With the awareness of the importance of bathroom hygiene and designing many professionals come forward to make the renovation task simple and quick for you. For designer bathroom renovation in Port Macquarie or near by areas, you can get efficient and quick services by professionals at your doorstep easily.

Here we pulled together 5 top trends in bathroom design which you can ruminate before updating your bathroom

Hi-tech bathroom accessories

In the last few decades, technology entered in every part of our daily living from advance featured fridge or washing machine to the highly featured cars. At the latest, technology targeting the bathroom spaces. You can get self-cleaning and sterilizing features in toilet seats, mirrors with integrated lighting, and many more in the list. So, for having a luxurious touch in your bathroom, you can choose these hi-tech accessories for your comfort.

With the average size of bathrooms increasing in recent years, there is now more room to install these additional hi-tech features that make the bathroom convenient to use and maintain. If you are designing a full bathroom, for example, you can now install macerator toilets that prevent pipe clogs. You can also install smart showers that automatically adjust the water temperature and track water usage, helping you save on water bills.

Polish your personal space with tiles

A right tile can create magic if you have space constraints in the bathroom. You can use big tiles with fewer grouts which make an impression of a spacious bathroom. If you love texture, bold colors then also the market caters you with a wide variety to choose from. But always try to make a balance between bold and neutrals. Choose colors of cabinets, and tiles of walls and flooring wisely, so that they complement each other and give the precise look which you anticipated.

Beautiful fixtures and faucets

If you want a quick update in your bathroom then start with fixtures and faucets replacement. Exterminate the old greenish metal faucets and introduce gold tones, brushed bronze, and black color hardware for a shower and other bathroom accessories. Try to match black hardware with light color (white or beige) cabinets and gold tones can go with bluish cabinets perfectly to give an eye-catching appearance to the bathroom. For an aesthetic and designer bathroom renovation in Port Macquarie, you can consult professionals who can also guide you with the right fixtures and faucets for your bathroom.

Precise look with floating vanity

Vanity is a combo of basin and storage space where you keep your bathroom essentials. These things can be bathroom cleaning products or hidden fixtures. Nowadays levitate vanities are in the trend which gives your bathroom a high-tech look and create more visual space. You can opt for a bold color vanity complemented with the light color (white) wall tiles for a bold accent.

Elegant lighting

Soothing lighting in the bathroom can relax your mind and soul. Pendant lights are highly in trends now as they are artistic and modern. Sconces are also a good choice for the bathroom lighting.

Good luck!

Photo by Chastity Cortijo on Unsplash