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How to Pep up your Terracotta Pots - Planters 1

How to Pep up your Terracotta Pots

We all love to connect with nature and the best way is to plant few in our homes or gardens. Bringing Mother Nature to home is the best idea to add a little greenery to your home décor. We often have or buy planter like terracotta pots or the clay ones. ...

Pleasure of Nature at Home 2

Pleasure of Nature at Home

A building is a structure composed of bricks and cement but gets its beauty and value only by the way the building is decorated both externally and internally. The home is adorned by the virtues of its occupants and the pleasing colors of the walls, pictures and paintings with which...


Romance with Nature to Relieve Stress

Life is impossible without plants; they are the essential source for human well-being. People who love nature knows the importance of growing trees and plants. The art of growing plants is proven to be a stress reliever both physically and mentally. A garden in every house is highly impossible nowadays...

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