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How to add shapes evenly in Visio

If you want to make add same shapes to Visio evenly, you don’t have to waste time trying to keep shapes in equal position. Drag a shape to the page. Create a copy of the shape by dragging from the original. You can use Ctrl + Drag. While the last...

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How to draw Stairs while drawing floorplan

You can draw your own stairs instead of using the stencil from the building Core. Select Line and draw evenly. After adding enough lines, group it together, so the lines will not get messed up. And, you can change the size of the stairs by dragging. You can draw two...

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How to draw Floor Plan using Microsoft Visio

Take a blank Visio Page. Go to More Shapes –> Maps & Floor Plans –> Building Plan –> Walls, Door & Windows. Drag the wall to the page and extend it till you need it. Connect the wall as you need it. Drag the door and leave it on the wall where...

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Visio Viewer for iPad and iPhone for free from Microsoft

Here is an important release for Visio lovers! Visio can be viewed in iPad and iPhone now. Microsoft has released the Visio Viewer ready for iOS Now you can do following things in Visio Viewer for iPad and Visio Viewer for iPhone? View files from OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint...

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How to Create Mirror Image of a Shape in Visio

Are you middle of creating some non verbal reasoning training material using Visio? Then you defensively might have to create reflection of complex images. Do you create it manually? I know it is tedious task to create it. There is an easy way to achieve it Step 1. I created...

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