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How Could Malware Be Slowing Down Your Computer

Malware is any type of software that enters your computer without you knowing and it does a lot of wrong thing. This is why the “mal” in malware stands for malicious (hence why its bad). Spyware on the other hand is used to collect information on you like your passwords,...

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6 Essential Gadgets for Your 2018 Smart Home

Innovation inspires the modern era. Now and then birth is given to some new gadget. Nowadays humans are covered with technology from their phones to their watches everything is technology. Technology has made our work easy. To store sensitive data, we don’t need registers but databases which can be used...

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Decorating Ideas That Work

Let’s start with the basics. The decorating ideas and tips outlined are used by interior decorators because they work. If you follow the process, you’ll be amazed at the outcome. Without hiring a professional decorator, you can achieve professional-looking results. Decorating Idea #1: Have a Plan I know everyone’s first...

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Features and Benefits of Activity Trackers

Some people who are just starting any kind of physical exercises need an activity tracker with a simple design such as showing them the number of steps taken and calories burned. Swimmers should make sure their trackers are waterproof and professional athletes need fitness trackers with advanced features. This list...

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Nokia 3310 at Rs 3,310

Nokia is back with 3310 and Nokia fans are very much excited. Yes we love to have Nokia with us even with any other smarty’s in hand. Wow, It  looks so cute with these crazy colours and handy too… The company has confirmed that the legendary feature phone will be going on...

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5 Best Selfie Expert Smartphones of 2017

If you are a selfie lover and looking for good selfie smartphone, here is a list of  5 best selfie phones of 2017. Oppo F3 Dual Selfie Camera   Oppo is set to launch the Oppo F3 in India on Thursday, at an event in Mumbai that kicks off at 12:30pm...

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How to add shapes evenly in Visio

If you want to make add same shapes to Visio evenly, you don’t have to waste time trying to keep shapes in equal position. Drag a shape to the page. Create a copy of the shape by dragging from the original. You can use Ctrl + Drag. While the last...

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How to draw Stairs while drawing floorplan

You can draw your own stairs instead of using the stencil from the building Core. Select Line and draw evenly. After adding enough lines, group it together, so the lines will not get messed up. And, you can change the size of the stairs by dragging. You can draw two...

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How to draw Floor Plan using Microsoft Visio

Take a blank Visio Page. Go to More Shapes –> Maps & Floor Plans –> Building Plan –> Walls, Door & Windows. Drag the wall to the page and extend it till you need it. Connect the wall as you need it. Drag the door and leave it on the wall where...

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Visio Viewer for iPad and iPhone for free from Microsoft

Here is an important release for Visio lovers! Visio can be viewed in iPad and iPhone now. Microsoft has released the Visio Viewer ready for iOS Now you can do following things in Visio Viewer for iPad and Visio Viewer for iPhone? View files from OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, or SharePoint...

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