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Rugs Amazingly on Walls!!! 1

Rugs Amazingly on Walls!!! Things You Need to Know

Rugs are secret weapons to enhance your interiors. Not only on floors but on walls too. This is going to be great and will create a focal point of attraction interiors. If you are a rug lover and has a good collection of quality rugs then here are some ideas...

Wainscot and Wall Colors 0

How to Strike a Balance Between Wainscot and Wall Colors

Painting the walls is a great way to update the interior. New paint has a refreshing spirit and the ability to assign a place a unique character. On the other hand, wainscot panels are an excellent home decorating feature that can elevate a place almost singlehandedly. So, when it comes...

Easy & Simple DIY ideas for Mirror Frame Decorations - DIY 1

Easy & Simple DIY ideas for Mirror Frame Decorations

A house can be immediately transformed to a home when it is revamped with the apt home decoration items. You can give your home a nice makeover by changing the theme every now and then. We don’t always have to buy these décor products each and every time we think...

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