PVC trim manufacturers are gaining ground in the construction world for a plethora of reasons. Find out what you need to know about this newer type of exterior trim.

PVC trim manufacturers are supplying flexible yet durable, cost-effective exterior trim to homeowners and building contractors. It’s virtually maintenance free, and you can get it in a variety of colors.

What is PVC Trim?

PVC trim manufacturers want everyone that is considering doing any new builds or remodels to think about choosing PVC trim instead of the traditional wood. Each company has their own way of making it with a combination of plastics. They can come in trim, boards, sheets, and decorative forms. Most of the time they are sold in a plain white that can easily be painted.

PVC Trim Manufacturers Supplying Job Sites: What You Need to Know

The major selling point for PVC trim manufacturers is that they hold up in any environment and won’t absorb moisture making them much longer lasting. Wood lets moisture out when it’s first put up. When it ages, it soaks moisture in. As a result, the trim moves and the paint starts to peel.

PVC Trim Moulding Moves, But Not Much

PVC trim molding moves after it’s been installed. However, the amount of change is minimal and sometimes not even noticeable at all. Smaller pieces are less noticeable, like around a window, than what larger pieces are. The material expands and shrinks because of the changes in the temperature.

PVC Trim Manufacturers Supplying Job Sites: What You Need to Know

That means that if it is painted, the paint is going to stick right where it’s at instead of flaking off unlike what happens when it gets wet.

Scarf joints and shiplap can help in keeping the trim more stationary on the long pieces. A lot of PVC trim manufacturers will recommend that you use adhesives and mechanical fasteners as well. Each manufacturer’s installation directions are going to vary, so it’s essential to find the specific ones for what you’re using.

Same Tools for Exterior Wood Trim Boards

A lot of carpenters are finding PVC trim manufacturers to work with because they have discovered that they don’t have to learn a new technique. Additionally, there aren’t any specialized tools that have to be purchased to complete the same project. People are more likely to switch over to something new if they don’t have to invest in it or learn something new.

Anyone with basic carpentry skills should be able to handle installing PVC trim boards on a job site. When working on a column wrap, for example, the PVC virtually snaps into place and is held there with some adhesive. With wood, it would be much more labor intensive.

Going Green with Colored PVC Trim Boards

While the standard for PVC is white, they can be purchased in several different colors as well, depending on the PVC trim manufacturer. While many people are worried about the plastic ruining the environment, there is an assortment of benefits as well

Fewer trees are being cut down for one thing. There is also no painting required or maintenance to keep it up. Some of the brands will also use recycled materials to make the boards, which is quite the opposite of causing damage to the environment.