Bean Bags Sizing Guide For the Living Room

Beanbags are comfortable and they can fit in any corner of your living room. In fact, they are available in so many sizes and shapes today that you would actually get confused regarding the right size. If you are looking to buy the best bean bags in Singapore, then you must know about the ideal size. Listed are some tips for the right sizing guide.

Bean Bags Sizing Guide For the Living Room

For toddlers

Toddlers just love spending time on beanbags. You can consider toddler bean bags as they are great in comfort and fit. The faux leather bean bag is ideal for toddlers.

52 cm is the ideal size of toddler bean bag. 60 cm height is perfect to feel all comfy. Your toddler can easily carry the bean bag to the garden area from the living room. Choose the correct size to bring a smile to your toddler’s face.

For the kids

Kids too love the bean bags. What attracts them is the different shapes and sizes in beanbags. In fact, the living room looks incomplete without a comfortable beanbag at the corner of the room. From animal beanbags to football bean bags, there are so many beanbags for kids to explore.

For small girls, heart-shaped bean bags should be ideal. For boys, gaming beanbags make an ideal choice. The perfect size for a kid’s bean bag is between 100 to 110 in diameter. The height depends on the shape of the bean bag. You can also choose from personalized bean bag options for kids.

Regular bean bags

Regular beanbags are meant for adults or teens. These types of beanbags are available in different shapes and sizes. Available in faux leather and water-resistant fabric, you can choose from many options available. Regular beanbags are ideal for your living room or garden area.

The height of the regular beanbag is 95 cm and the diameter is about 70 cm. 4 ft bean bag options are also available depending on your choice. Regular beanbags are great for lounging purpose; in fact, you will feel comfortable on these kinds of beanbags.

Large beanbags

These kinds of bean bags are large in shape and design both. It’s an ideal choice for people who are on a healthy side. The size of the beanbag is usually with a 1m height and 80 cm in diameter.

Though, you can personalize these beanbags too. In large option, you can also get beanbag up to 82 diameters. The height depends on the kind of design you choose. These beanbags are also good for your camping purpose.

Giant beanbags

The giant beanbag is meant for two people or if you really want to feel all comfy and stretch out. The giant beanbag is also known as the monster bag because of its huge size.

The giant beanbag is massive 25 cu. ft. beanbag and that makes it different from other regular sizes. You can get customized options in this kind of beanbag too.

There are so many beanbags available like long, short, wedgies and lounge that you would want to buy it all. If you are looking to buy the best beanbags, then you have so many sizes and options available.

Author Bio: Kendal Smith is a freelance blogger. Being a homemaker too, he loves blogging on home decor, home improvement, and home maintenance.

Image Courtesy: Photo by Artem Bali from Pexels

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