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7 ways to get rid of your old kitchen appliances 2

7 Ways to get Rid of your Old Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances just seem to build up through our lives. Technology changes, old things wear out, and people make gifts of things we didn’t really ask for. Over time, we end up with cupboards full of appliances that no one is using. So what do you do with them? Here...

What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Kitchen? 1

What Type of Flooring is Best for Your Kitchen?

Many homeowners worry about what type of flooring they should buy for their kitchen. They figure that the flooring needs to be especially resilient because of the heat and humidity and the amount of traffic a kitchen gets. The good news is that contemporary flooring for the kitchen is not...

Veggie Garden 1

Your Healthy Dream Garden is just a Few Steps Away…

Fresh vegetables are keys to good health. Growing your own veggies brings great joy, it’s an act of free exercise that makes you fit and healthy. Home gardens are cost effective and is free from harmful pesticides and artificial colors. Worried about space? That is absolutely secondary, you can always...

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